What formats are offered/Is it available over the Internet? [Back to top]

The online version offers powerful search capabilities and allows you to export contact information directly into Microsoft Excel™. It is available as a 12-month subscription. Annual subscriptions will be valid for 12 months from the date of activation.  The PDF files are yours to keep once you subscribe to the Online system. Print all files or download to your computer.

Why is the Marketing Guidebook no longer available in a book format? [Back to top]

While both the print and online versions contain all the vital facts, the online version offers speed, convenience and functionality that the print format cannot match. The online version also allows you to export contact information directly into Microsoft ExcelTM and most importantly is updated on a daily basis. In lieu of a printed hard copy, we now offer the Marketing Guidebook in searchable, downloadable PDF files formatted like the previously printed directory.

What criteria are needed to be included in the Marketing Guidebook? [Back to top]

We adhere to strict criteria when evaluating companies for inclusion into the Marketing Guidebook. In order to be eligible for inclusion, companies must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Chains in the U.S. must operate two or more stores and generate $10 million or more in annual retail sales
  • Wholesalers must supply supermarkets collectively generating at least $10 million in annual retail sales

The Marketing Guidebook includes the following store and supplier types:

  • Supermarkets
  • Wholesale Clubs
  • Supercenters
  • Non-Food Distributors
  • Candy, Tobacco and Media Distributors
  • Specialty Wholesalers
  • Leading Drug Store Chains
  • Leading Dollar Store Chains
  • Leading Mass Merchandisers
  • Leading Category Killers

Does the Marketing Guidebook give me the address of each store? [Back to top]

No, the Marketing Guidebook presents the market from a company headquarters and division point of view.

How is the Marketing Guidebook better than other resources? [Back to top]

We can't speak for anyone else's research, but we can tell you that the Marketing Guidebook has an excellent reputation for accuracy and usefulness. Each year we update each profile through direct company contact, and throughout the year we track the industry through the Internet, trade journals and other sources. We have built our reputation on the high quality of our data and we work hard to maintain that reputation.

How up-to-date is the information/Do I really need to purchase every year? [Back to top]

While we update every profile each year through direct company contact, trade journals and other sources, this industry changes daily. Mergers and acquisitions, companies filing for chapter 11 and executive changes are everyday occurrences, which is why data within our Marketing Guidebook Online system is now updated on a daily basis. Please note that not all company profiles are updated daily; changes and updates are made to various companies on a daily basis which include: updating store counts, adding e-mail addresses, updating executives as well as adding new companies and removing companies that no longer qualify due to divestiture. If you wish to continue having access to the most current information in the industry, renewing your Online subscription is mandatory to stay ahead of the game and ensure that no time is wasted in your sales and marketing efforts.

Do you offer a demo? [Back to top]

Yes, we offer a FREE demo of the Online system.  While it limits you to only 20 company profiles, it is fully functional with all available search criteria options and is formatted exactly like the full Online system. Click here to access the demo.

Do you have other resources that would be helpful to me? [Back to top]

Stagnito Media publishes a complete line of directories on retailers that carry the products of consumer packaged goods companies. Boost your sales by taking full advantage of all the markets available to you. In addition to the Marketing Guidebook, you might be interested in the following:

Directory of Convenience Stores
The single most complete and accurate guide dedicated solely to sales and marketing information on the leading convenience store chains. What the Marketing Guidebook does for the grocery, drug and mass merchant industry is what this resource does for C-Stores. More than 1,600 fully updated, in-depth profiles of the leading U.S. and Canadian C-Store chains and nearly 400 C-Store wholesalers, including 12,500+ key contacts. Learn more at www.C-Stores.com.